Hardwaretest & Verlosung:Logitech G710+ (US Layout Version)

  • I have traveled to many, very many, far away place`s. Heard the Far Cry`s of war and battle on exotic Islands. Traveled into the deepest Dead Space in far away galaxies and faced off with the horrors there. When the Fallout came, I was there to fight for survival. I never showed my FEAR, even when I was Left 4 Dead, only in Half Life, with brother Death breathing down my neck. And when I hear the Call of Duty, I will be there, right in the middle of all the action. I will make my way through any Crysis, and the Force will always be with me, because I fear no Darksiders, no matter what the Mass Effects it may have on me.

    And why? Because I have my trusty Weapons in my hands...

    Weapon Class: PC
    Primary: Keyboard + Monitor
    Secondary: Mouse + Headset

    The road to virtual heroism is always long and difficult. The needed weaponry is in todays real world so plentyful, that it`s hard to choose from. What does todays adventurer need to conquer all of the hidden realms, fight off all the hoards of angry Pixels, and battle with the best online? What beyond quick hands and mind, nimble fingers and lightning fast reactions? Like I said, weapons of choice! Each of us uses that what best fits thier needs.

    When "der Papa" asked if I wanted to test the US version of Logitechs G710+, I was wondering just how different it would be using a US keyboard again after almost 25 years of German layout. Papa sent it, and it gathered a bit of dust for a month until I finally got around to unboxing and testing it. I now wish I had started the test the day it got here. I kinda fell in love the thing. Eventhough I dearly missed the display monitor from my trustworthy G510, especially when doing fullscreen work with Photoshop or Sony Movie Maker. It's really nice to have my music commands at hand without minimising the screen. Yeah, I know... the G710+ has the seperate music controls too, but it's not the same without the display.

    So! Let us get on to the real testing!

    I unplugged my G510, and plugged the G710+'s 2 (!) USB plugs into my PC's front Panel. Software Update went on automaticly, took less than 2 minutes to set it up. It kinda suprised me that the Keyboard needed 2 USB ports. Which, in my opinion, gave the G710+ it`s first minus point. The Keyboard itself is of solid workmanship. The keys are slightly higher set than my G510. And the top rows are higher than the bottom row. Looked a bit strange, but I thought it shouldn't be a problem. The keys themselves have very little side movement. They sit very firmly in the keybed. They also need a little bit more pressure to press down than I am used to, but I got used to that very qiuckly. And in the end, I found that this was one of the boards major plus points. Another plus was, like I already said, its solid workmanship.

    I tryed it out first with gaming. Went through a few MultiPlayer maps of Modern Warfare 2 & 3. Then went on to Black Ops 1 & 2. Hmmm, the slightly higher set keys on the board were easier to use than I thought. I actually had the feeling that I had better controll with it. My hands felt really comfortable while gaming on it. The shorter handrest wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It could of been made a little longer, but hey, it wasn't as if it was so short that I couldn't rest my hands on it, and I had no discomforts. Besides, you can buy different handrests for it any time.

    I dare say, I did have some damn good COD matches while using the G710+. I really enjoyed it.

    On to some SinglePlayer... New Vegas. I set up a couple of Macros for Inventory usage. All worked fine, no problems whatsoever. Same with Crysis2 & Dead Space. My G510 has 18 G keys, with a total of 36 Macro possablities per profile. I`ve never used more than 5 or 6 at one time. The G710+ has 6 Macro keys with a total of 18 Macros per game profile. It should be enough for anyone, even Roll Playing Gamers. Did I already tell you that I really enjoyed gaming with the G710+? I did? OK, then let me say it again... I really enjoyed gaming with this keyboard!

    Enough of gaming, now lets have a look at some of the other G710+ functions. First thing, Backlight. The keyboard has a white LED Backlight with dual lighting functons. One for the "W,A,S,D" only or all keys, and one for dimming the whole Keyboard with 4 brightness settings. What a shock! As soon as I dimmed down the Backlight, a strange high pitched buzzing screamed at me through my headset! I dimmed the Backlight down one notch more, the buzzing remained, but the Frequency changed. Once more and... "the same procedure as every year James". Funny thing is, when the Backlight was set to brightest nothing could be heard. So I sat there and thought about it while staring at my PC. Hmmm... left and right the USB ports, between them, my headset plugin. Bling! my brains own Backlight flashed on. I unplugged the Keyboard from the front panel, unplugged my mouse from the back panel, plugged the Keyboard into the back panel, and hooked up the mouse to the front. Backlight test part 2. The buzzing was gone when I dimmed the Backlight. Everything worked fine now that the USB's and the headset were separated front to rear. The G710+'s Backlight at its highest setting is the brightest I've ever seen. I could even read the letters on the keys without wearing my glasses. Usually, without my glasses, I can't even pick out one key from another. The "W,A,S,D" only setting is nice, but on the otherhand, who needs it? But setting the WASD to bright, and the rest dimmed low is useful when gaming in the dark. Plus point for the LED Backlight, eventhough it doesn't have Color Themes that are changeable.

    Writing with the keyboard was as easy as gaming on it. Very comfortable, keys functioned very well, and even with my big fat Sausage fingers, I had very few typos. Another pleasent suprise, and a big plus, because normally, I'm a typomaniac. The keys are also suprisingly quiet for a mechanical keyboard. The Multimedia keys are placed well for right or left hand hand usage. And as a gamer, one function is very important for me. The Game/Desktop Controllkey. Always a pain in the (incert bad word here) when you hit your Desktop key while you're blazing away ingame and accidently hit the wrong key... OH !*%&§"!

    So... lets sum things up.

    • The G710+ keyboard is very solid piece of equipment with High Quaility Keys. It has a slight "Stealth" look, and the Keybed is Black Piano laquered.
    • The Backlight is probally one of the best I´ve ever used. Really brightly illuminated and highlighted.
    • The "G" function keys should be enough for just about any gamer. 6 keys, 18 G Macros per game profile.
    • The keys are well placed, and eventho the bottom to top hight change may take some getting used to for some, for me it was supisingly easy, and quite enjoyable.
    • The keyboard is both gaming amd writing friendly. Functionable for any type of useage.
    • It has 110 key Anti-Ghosting.
    • 26 key Rollover.
    • 1 rear USB Port.
    • Handrest, somewhat short, but still usable.

    My rating:
    The G710+ would of gotten a 1, but due to the lack of a display, the 2 (!) USB's, with the screaming buzzing noise when the USB's were anywhere near my plugged in headset ports. Plus the fact that it runs Retail for 149€ at Logitech, and 139€ Amazon, I can only give it a 2+. But, i must say, gaming with the G710+ was really a blast! It was probally the most comfortable keyboard I have ever used. And believe me, I've gone through about 25 Keyboards in all my years of simi-professional Pixelhunting.

    And now I'm very sad I have to give the board up... for free... as a prize... to one of you.

    *2+ = = 2+*

    And before I forget, Thanks go out to Logitech and Eagle PC!

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    Wie viele USB Ports braucht das G710+?

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    Und nun viel Spass und Erfolg.

    Euer Team!

  • Naja... ich habe 2 hinten, und 2 vorne an meine PC. Zwar reichte sie aus, aber dennoch für jemand mit 'ne älteren PC konnte es knapp werden. Mir ging beim bewertung weniger um der Fakt das der G710+ soviel brauchte, sondern einfach das es Konflikte gab mit meine Headset wenn beide nebenanander steckte. Das ist nicht gesagt das der Keyboard bei jeden PC so verhält. Konnte sein das meine PC "Schuld" wäre. ;)


    Falls ihr euch wündert warum der Test ganz in Englisch ist.


    Ich bin American, der Keyboard ist American Layout, also ist der Text auch in die Amiland Sprache hopsi

  • Sieht echt gut aus :thumbsup:

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  • Sicher nicht schlecht das Teil aber ich bin mit meiner Razer BlackWidow mehr als zufrieden :thumbsup:

    Klick falls es jemand interessiert (Amazon Link) ;)

    Shooter auf Konsolen ist wie Kartoffel schälen mit Boxhandschuhen!!!!

  • I need this keyboard because I will test a mechanical keyboard and how it will feel to play with it.

    Timo: "da is ein pfosten umgekippt - da is bestimmt ein pfosten gegen gelaufen"

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  • Schöner Testbericht.

    Hab ich jetzt überlesen, welche Switches verbaut wurden? Das ist für mich immer wichtig bei ner Tastatur..

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  • Kann man die denn auch an USB3.0 slots anschließen? Hatte in der Vergangenheit Probleme mit Peripheriegeräten und USB3.0.

  • Mal etwas komplett Englisches. Das erfreut das Auge.

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